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Riverside Truck Accident Lawyer

After you or a loved one has suffered injuries and other losses in a collision with a large commercial truck, the Riverside trucking accident lawyer is an indispensable ally. Due to their sheer size, these vehicles are inherently more dangerous than the majority of other vehicles on California roads. A fully loaded 18-wheeler can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and exceed 13 feet in height. This results in a much higher center of gravity and increased maneuverability difficulties. When these large vehicles collide, multiple other drivers are likely to be involved, especially if the collision occurs at high speed on a busy road.

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A truck accident is more likely to cause serious injuries, costly repairs, and deaths than a car accident. Due to their size, many California tractor-trailer accidents injure multiple drivers. Hiring the best California truck accident lawyers can help you navigate complex situations.

Your Riverside truck accident lawyer can gather evidence to determine accident liability. A truck accident lawyer can help with vicarious liability. In some cases, a trucking company may be liable for your damages if a truck driver caused them. An experienced Riverside trucking accident attorney can determine an injured driver’s best financial recovery options.

Hiring a Riverside truck accident attorney eliminates the risk of procedural or administrative errors jeopardizing your claim. If you handle a truck accident personal injury claim yourself, you must file forms accurately, completely, and on time. Missing court deadlines could lead to your case being thrown out before trial.

If your claim is against a large trucking company or distributor, expect them to have an experienced in-house legal team. An experienced truck accident attorney will handle your claim, deal with the defense, and file your paperwork correctly and on time.

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