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Regardless of the circumstances, there is nothing more devastating than losing a loved family member. It is all the more tragic when this death occurs as the result of an accident or malicious act, and when the victim died in the prime of his or her life at a time when others, including spouses, children, and even parents depended on the deceased for their emotional and financial support.This is why you need a top-tier attorney who sspecializes in wrongful death claim California.

What gets considered to be a Wrongful Death?


Car Accidents


Commercial Truck Accidents


Pedestrian Accidents


Motorcycle Accidents


Bicycle Accidents


Hazards on property


Defective Products


Workplace Accidents


Fatal burns


Covid-19 Nursing Home Deaths

A Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyer can be hired after someone is killed by another party’s negligence, misconduct, or illegal activity. Generally, surviving close family members will have the right to make a claim for damages in such cases. If you or your loved ones died due to another party negligence so contact our RP Law Group California Wrongful  Death Lawyer to file a Wrongful death settlement case.

Wrongful Death Claim California often rely on evidence from a criminal conviction to prove the liability of an at-fault party. However, it is not always necessary for the liable party to be guilty of a crime. Take O.J. Simpson, for example. He was not convicted of murder, but he was later found liable in civil court for the wrongful death of the individuals he was accused of killing.