Orange County Lyft, Taxi or Uber Accident Attorney

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Ridesharing has become a prevalent mode of transportation due to its convenience for smartphone users. However, just like taxis or buses, you put your life in the driver’s hands when you step into an Uber vehicle. Due to which some accidents were occurs and for that if you get hurt and need to file personal injury claim you need to seek legal advice from our Uber Accident Attorney Riverside. 

If an Uber driver wasn’t being careful with your safety and you were injured, you should be able to sue for damages and you can hire a uber accident attorney riverside. For any vehicle accident like uber accident, taxi accident or lyft accident, a great deal of investigation and research must get conducted to determine who was at fault and, therefore, who was liable for the accident.

How Does Insurance Cover You When You Are a Passenger in an Uber/ Lyft Accident?

That’s an excellent question. Getting into an accident as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle such as Uber or Lyft can be scary, frustrating, and confusing because it is unclear how and if you will get covered by insurance. The experienced rideshare accident attorneys at the Riverside office of RP Law Group Uber accident attorneys are here to explain and helps you out to get your uber accident claims.

Uber and Lyft also differ slightly in how their passengers are covered and claims get handled, which is a common concern for passengers looking to navigate a personal injury claim involving rideshare services. As the number of ride-sharing drivers increases, so do many Uber accidents in Riverside.

It’s essential to know the process for making a personal injury claim and understand how you may be covered by insurance when you are a passenger in an Uber accident in Riverside.

Damages in Riverside Uber/ Lyft Accidents

The following are a few of the items for which you may be able to seek compensation after your Uber/ Lyft accident:


Medical bills and all health-related expenses


Trauma from the accident, as well as your physical pain


Lost pay from missing work, as well as future missed work in the case of disability


Lost or damaged property

Getting these claims will be challenging, however. If you leave everything to Uber’s insurance provider, there’s a chance you’ll receive a smaller payout than you deserve. You can improve your odds by hiring an Uber accident attorney in Riverside.