What’s In The Mix…

What Is In The Mix

Anyone who even briefly looks at Personal Injury will see the many different acronyms used for various things.

Attorneys, adjusters, insurance companies, and the court will throw these terms at you. There is PTP – primary treating physician, AME – Agreed Medical Evaluator, QME – Qualified Medical Evaluator, DOR – Declaration of Readiness to Proceed, TTD – Temporary Total Disability, PD – Permanent Disability, etc. There are so many more that sometimes it can get very confusing.

Not to worry, you can always call our attorney at RP Law Group and ask or contact the local Personal Injury Appeals Board Information & Assistance Officer.

However, to get things started the link below is a glossary from the Division of Personal Injury directly: https://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/WCGlossary.htm

If you still have questions and need guidance, please call RP Law Group at (951) 394-3640.

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