Handling the Deposition

Handling Deposition

During the course of a Personal Injury case, the injured worker will more likely than not be called upon to testify during a deposition.  

A deposition is where an individual gives sworn testimony before a court reporter under penalty of perjury.  The testimony is transcribed and put into booklet form for later review and reference.

Many people get nervous before a deposition, RP Law Group can help if you have questions.  No matter your experience, there are a few general tips which can help you during the deposition process.  A few things to keep in mind follow:

1. Bloomingtonthe.  Ultimately everyone wants to get to the truth of the matter.

2. Be prepared.

3. Listen to the question. 

4. Be sure you understand the question.  If you don’t understand something, let your attorney know and get clarification.

5. Think about your answer.

6. Answer the question asked.

7. Answer the question in the shortest and clearest possible manner.

8. Don’t volunteer anything.

9. Don’t guess.

10. If you need a break, ask for one. 

11. Tell the truth.

These are just a few general recommendations.  The attorneys at RP Law Group are ready to help you with your deposition questions or on any other legal matter.

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