What kind of medical care can I expect under workers’ compensation?

In California, doctors are required to provide evidence-based medical treatment in the workers’ compensation arena. 

They are required to use proven methods of treatment to cure or relieve the effects of work-related injuries.  These treatment methods are combined in the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule which is the guideline adopted from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine’s Practice Guidelines. 

RP Law Group can help you through the often complex field of medical treatment.  The attorneys at RP Law Group are very familiar with the range of workers’ compensation doctors and can aid you in selecting the best doctor for you.

Remember to timely report your injury and request medical attention if needed.

It is illegal for a physician or medical facility to bill a worker if they know the injury is or may be work related. This law is found in California Labor Code Section 3751(b).  If a doctor is trying to get you to pay for medical treatment related to your work place injury, call RP Law Group at (951) 394-3640 and speak to an attorney right away.

And don’t forget you an predesignate your treating physician if you have a preferred doctor.  Call RP Law Group if you have any questions.

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