RP Law Group Tackles Local Police Abuse of Power

On January 20, 2017 San Bernardino resident Duncan Hicks visited the Victorville Sheriff’s office to file a report regarding an issue regarding his custody agreement. Instead of being afforded unbiased treatment for the simple and lawful act of filing a report, Hicks was met with disrespect and downright hostility by San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Deputy Michael Bradbury and the receptionist on duty at the time. They refused to file Hicks’ report, dismissing him as someone experiencing “baby mama drama.”

The Events

Hicks initially left the station, dejected that he was unable to receive the assistance he required. After contemplating the blatant unfairness of the situation, Hicks’ returned to the sheriff’s department and again requested to file a report. This time, however, he took out his cell phone and overtly recorded the interaction. Both the deputy and receptionist became even more hostile to Hicks when they noticed his recording of them. It was at this point that the deputy egregiously overstepped his authority when he threatened to falsify charges against Hicks, stating, “I’ll create something, you understand? You’ll go to jail. You understand that?” Obviously, it is illegal for law enforcement officials to fabricate charges against any person for any reason.

RP Law Group Standing Up for Justice

Though RP Law Group typically handles Personal Injury cases, experienced attorney Raj Patel has no qualms about drawing on his extensive and varied experiences working in other parts of California law. Duncan Hicks first became a client of RP Law Group when he was injured on the job and unhappy with the settlement his initial Personal Injury attorney was pressuring him to accept.

After hiring RP Law Group and working directly with Mr. Patel, Hicks was able to collect more than three times the amount the other lawyer suggested. The success of his claim made a loyal client of Hicks to Patel, and the two anticipate another successful endeavor as a legal team once again. Together Raj and Duncan will fight to send a message that law enforcement officers are expected to adhere to the same laws as the citizens they are charged with serving. “We see a degraded value of the statement ‘protect and serve.’ There is no protection and there is no service,” stated Mr. Patel.

“I’m seeking damages for the duress I encountered when Bradbury threatened me,” Hicks said. “I’m also filing a restraining order against Bradbury so he won’t be able to talk to me on the phone or be at the station when I visit.”

Mr. Patel and Hicks will be attending the Victorville City Council meeting scheduled for February 21st to bring awareness to the inappropriateness of Bradbury’s actions and words in an effort to effect positive change in the relationship between local residents and the law enforcement officers employed to serve them. Mr. Patel gave voice to the question that many were asking when they learned of the circumstances: “How can we cure the effect of the unilateral action taken by Sgt. Bradbury and the entire Sheriff’s Department in San Bernardino County? This affects every citizen.”

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