Changing Your Work Comp Doctor

Work Compensation Doctor

Often the question comes as to choosing a Work Compensation Doctor. In short, do you have to use the work comp doctor, or can you select your own? Ultimately, your best choice may be to stay with the doctor you select within the insurance company’s network.

One of the benefits of selecting a doctor within the Medical Provider Network is that it will not cost you your insurance co-payments. However, if you are seeing a doctor within the insurance company’s network and wish to change physician you can request a change of treating doctor from the insurance adjuster or your attorney.

If the work comp case is accepted, selecting a physician outside of the Medical Provider Network could adversely affect your benefits.

The choice of treating doctor in your work comp case is very important because not only will that physician oversee your medical treatment as you recover from your work injury, his opinions will guide the legal consequences of your case. It is very important that you inform the doctor of all your medical work comp issues even if it doesn’t seem that important; if it is outside his specialty a referral may be requested.

A few tips when meeting with your physician:
* Describe your work injury
* Mention all injury body parts
* Always get a copy of your off-work/disability slip

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