What Is a Voucher?

What Is Voucher?

So, you’ve received a permanent disability determination in your workers’ compensation claim and you cannot return to your usual and customary job but you can do some work. So what now?

Once you are ready to settle your case you may be entitled to retraining. The vocational rehabilitation program was created to provide qualified injured workers a training and vocational counseling opportunity.

To qualify for what is formally called Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits Voucher you must have an award of some permanent partial disability and your job must have failed to offer modified or alternate work. For those who qualify the voucher should be issued within 30 days of the award of permanent disability.

The voucher which will be $6,000 can be used for specific purposes. Of that voucher, a maximum of $1,000 may be used for a computer. You must document the use of the voucher for approved purchases such as tuition, fees, books, materials, etc. A vocational rehabilitation counselor can help you with more specifics in this regard, help you find an approved training program, or for any other questions or concerns you may have regarding the voucher or the process a counselor would provide you the best answers.

At its core, the voucher is designed to aid qualified injured workers to obtain retraining and return to gainful employment. The current program was revised in 2004 and allows a qualified injured worker to obtain retraining on his/her own or with the aid of a vocational rehabilitation counselor.

Of course, if you are issued a voucher and cannot decide which program you should do, a vocational rehabilitation counselor can help, but know that you have up to one year for the state return to work benefit and up to two years to use the voucher.

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