Handling the Deposition

Handling Deposition

During the course of a Personal Injury case, the injured worker will more likely than not be called upon to testify during a deposition.  

A deposition is where an individual gives sworn testimony before a court reporter under penalty of perjury.  The testimony is transcribed and put into booklet form for later review and reference.

Many people get nervous before a deposition, RP Law Group can help if you have questions.  No matter your experience, there are a few general tips which can help you during the deposition process.  A few things to keep in mind follow:

1. Bloomingtonthe.  Ultimately everyone wants to get to the truth of the matter.

2. Be prepared.

3. Listen to the question. 

4. Be sure you understand the question.  If you don’t understand something, let your attorney know and get clarification.

5. Think about your answer.

6. Answer the question asked.

7. Answer the question in the shortest and clearest possible manner.

8. Don’t volunteer anything.

9. Don’t guess.

10. If you need a break, ask for one. 

11. Tell the truth.

These are just a few general recommendations.  The attorneys at RP Law Group are ready to help you with your deposition questions or on any other legal matter.

Lo que está en la mezcla…

Cualquiera que mira aún brevemente a compensación ver las siglas diferentes muchos utilizadas para varias cosas.

Abogados, ajustadores, compañías de seguros y el Tribunal producirá estos términos te. Hay PTP – primaria tratamiento a médico evaluador médico calificado AME – evaluador médico acordado, QME-, DOR – declaración de voluntad de proceder, TTD – incapacidad Total temporal, PD – incapacidad permanente, etcetera. Hay muchos más que a veces puede ser muy confuso.

No hay que preocuparse, puede siempre llame a nuestro abogado al RP Law Group y pregunta o póngase en contacto con compensación apelaciones tablero oficial de información y asistencia los trabajadores locales.

Sin embargo, para que las cosas empezaron el enlace de abajo se encuentra un glosario de la división de compensación trabajadores directamente

Si aún tiene dudas y necesita orientación, llame al RP Law Group en (951) 394-3640.

What’s In The Mix…

What Is In The Mix

Anyone who even briefly looks at Personal Injury will see the many different acronyms used for various things.

Attorneys, adjusters, insurance companies, and the court will throw these terms at you. There is PTP – primary treating physician, AME – Agreed Medical Evaluator, QME – Qualified Medical Evaluator, DOR – Declaration of Readiness to Proceed, TTD – Temporary Total Disability, PD – Permanent Disability, etc. There are so many more that sometimes it can get very confusing.

Not to worry, you can always call our attorney at RP Law Group and ask or contact the local Personal Injury Appeals Board Information & Assistance Officer.

However, to get things started the link below is a glossary from the Division of Personal Injury directly:

If you still have questions and need guidance, please call RP Law Group at (951) 394-3640.

¿Qué tipo de atención médica puedo esperar bajo la compensación de los trabajadores?

En California, los médicos tienen que proporcionar tratamiento médico basado en evidencia en el campo de la compensación de los trabajadores.

Se les exige que usen métodos probados de tratamiento para curar o aliviar los efectos de lesiones relacionadas con el trabajo. Estos métodos de tratamiento se combinan en el Programa de Utilización de Tratamiento Médico, que es la pauta adoptada por el American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine’s Practice Guidelines.  

RP Law Group puede ayudarle a través del campo a menudo complejo de tratamiento médico. Los abogados de RP Law Group están muy familiarizados con la gama de médicos de compensación de trabajadores y pueden ayudarle a seleccionar el mejor médico para usted.  

Recuerde informar oportunamente de su lesión y solicitar atención médica si es necesario.

Es ilegal que un médico o una institución médica facture a un trabajador si sabe que la lesión es o puede estar relacionada con el trabajo. Esta ley se encuentra en la Sección 3751 (b) del Código de Trabajo de California. Si un médico está tratando de hacerle pagar por un tratamiento médico relacionado con su lesión en el lugar de trabajo, llame a RP Law Group al (951) 394-3640 y hable con un abogado de inmediato.

Y no se olvide de usted un predesignate su médico tratante si usted tiene un médico preferido. Llame a RP Law Group si tiene alguna pregunta.

What kind of medical care can I expect under workers’ compensation?

In California, doctors are required to provide evidence-based medical treatment in the workers’ compensation arena. 

They are required to use proven methods of treatment to cure or relieve the effects of work-related injuries.  These treatment methods are combined in the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule which is the guideline adopted from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine’s Practice Guidelines. 

RP Law Group can help you through the often complex field of medical treatment.  The attorneys at RP Law Group are very familiar with the range of workers’ compensation doctors and can aid you in selecting the best doctor for you.

Remember to timely report your injury and request medical attention if needed.

It is illegal for a physician or medical facility to bill a worker if they know the injury is or may be work related. This law is found in California Labor Code Section 3751(b).  If a doctor is trying to get you to pay for medical treatment related to your work place injury, call RP Law Group at (951) 394-3640 and speak to an attorney right away.

And don’t forget you an predesignate your treating physician if you have a preferred doctor.  Call RP Law Group if you have any questions.

RP Law Group Tackles Local Police Abuse of Power

On January 20, 2017 San Bernardino resident Duncan Hicks visited the Victorville Sheriff’s office to file a report regarding an issue regarding his custody agreement. Instead of being afforded unbiased treatment for the simple and lawful act of filing a report, Hicks was met with disrespect and downright hostility by San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Deputy Michael Bradbury and the receptionist on duty at the time. They refused to file Hicks’ report, dismissing him as someone experiencing “baby mama drama.”

The Events

Hicks initially left the station, dejected that he was unable to receive the assistance he required. After contemplating the blatant unfairness of the situation, Hicks’ returned to the sheriff’s department and again requested to file a report. This time, however, he took out his cell phone and overtly recorded the interaction. Both the deputy and receptionist became even more hostile to Hicks when they noticed his recording of them. It was at this point that the deputy egregiously overstepped his authority when he threatened to falsify charges against Hicks, stating, “I’ll create something, you understand? You’ll go to jail. You understand that?” Obviously, it is illegal for law enforcement officials to fabricate charges against any person for any reason.

RP Law Group Standing Up for Justice

Though RP Law Group typically handles Personal Injury cases, experienced attorney Raj Patel has no qualms about drawing on his extensive and varied experiences working in other parts of California law. Duncan Hicks first became a client of RP Law Group when he was injured on the job and unhappy with the settlement his initial Personal Injury attorney was pressuring him to accept.

After hiring RP Law Group and working directly with Mr. Patel, Hicks was able to collect more than three times the amount the other lawyer suggested. The success of his claim made a loyal client of Hicks to Patel, and the two anticipate another successful endeavor as a legal team once again. Together Raj and Duncan will fight to send a message that law enforcement officers are expected to adhere to the same laws as the citizens they are charged with serving. “We see a degraded value of the statement ‘protect and serve.’ There is no protection and there is no service,” stated Mr. Patel.

“I’m seeking damages for the duress I encountered when Bradbury threatened me,” Hicks said. “I’m also filing a restraining order against Bradbury so he won’t be able to talk to me on the phone or be at the station when I visit.”

Mr. Patel and Hicks will be attending the Victorville City Council meeting scheduled for February 21st to bring awareness to the inappropriateness of Bradbury’s actions and words in an effort to effect positive change in the relationship between local residents and the law enforcement officers employed to serve them. Mr. Patel gave voice to the question that many were asking when they learned of the circumstances: “How can we cure the effect of the unilateral action taken by Sgt. Bradbury and the entire Sheriff’s Department in San Bernardino County? This affects every citizen.”

Trusted Riverside attorney Raj Patel of RP Law Group. Schedule a free consultation by calling (951) 394-3640.

Usted se Lesiona en el Trabajo – ¿Wué Sigue? 

Puede parecer simple, pero una lesión en el trabajo es importante. 

Si sientes que es una molestia menor en el momento o si sufre una lesión grave del lugar de trabajo informes es el primer paso necesario.  Asegúrese de que su supervisor es notificado de su lesión lo antes posible.  Usted debería darse un formulario de reclamo DWC 1 para completar.  Si no reporte su lesión dentro de 30 días, podría perder los derechos a beneficios de compensación de trabajadores.  Grupo de derecho de contacto RP si usted tiene alguna pregunta. 

Hay dos partes a informar una lesión de compensación para trabajadores: notificar a su empleador sobre la lesión y presentar un reclamo de compensación para trabajadores.  Presentar un formulario de reclamo DWC 1 dándole a su empleador, que luego remitirá a la compañía de compensación.  Si su empleador no le da usted un formulario de reclamación Contacta con RP Law Group inmediatamente. DWC 1 formulario de reclamo aquí:

Su empleador y supervisor pueden hacer muy difícil para que usted reporte su lesión haciendo que cree que es sólo un pequeño dolor que desaparecerá o lo que implica que serán vistos mal por informar de la lesión, pero es su derecho a recibir tratamiento médico si usted se lesiona en el trabajo. Es tu cuerpo y tu lo sabes mejor. Deje que RP Law Group ayudará a través del sistema de compensación compleja.

You Are Injured at Work – What Next?

It might seem simple, but reporting a work injury is important. 

Whether you feel it is a minor annoyance at the time or if you suffer a severe work-place injury reporting it is the necessary first step.  Make sure your supervisor is notified of your injury as soon as possible.  You should be given a DWC 1 Claim Form to complete.  If you don’t report your injury within 30 days, you could lose rights to Personal Injury benefits.  Contact RP Law Group if you have any questions.

There are two parts to reporting an injury in Personal Injury: notifying your employer about the injury and filing a Personal Injury claim.  You file a DWC 1 Claim Form by giving it to your employer, who then will forward it on to the Personal Injury carrier.  If your employer does not give you a claim form contact RP Law Group right away. DWC 1 Claim Form Here:

Your employer and supervisor might make it very difficult for you to report your injury by making you think that it is just a little ache that will go away or implying that you will be viewed poorly for reporting the injury, but it is your right to get medical treatment if you are injured at work. It is your body and you know it best. Let RP Law Group help you through the complex workers’ compensation system.